Our Services

OEM | odm

Original Design Manufacturer

Exclusive Design

Our designers create exclusive designs that will impress customers around the world.

Meets Safety Regulation

Every one of our furniture is created to meet safety regulations of each country around the world.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

A Reliable Partner

We work closely with each of our partners (Wholesaler & Retailer) to bring ideas to life through OEM manufacturing services.

Value Pricing

Our prices are kept at a reasonable level to provide the biggest value to our customers.

Impeccable Experience​

Every one of our furniture is created to meet safety regulations of each country around the world.

Scalable Capacity​​

With our expertise in streamlining the manufacturing process, we are capable of scaling production to match orders of any size.

Delivery Services​

FOB Services​

MG Furniture will help to deal in FOB (Free on Board) delivery services to ensure a transparent and efficient delivery process.

Why Choose Us

MG Furniture is built upon 5 pillars of success: Quality, Design, Cost, Service and Technology. These build our fundamental unique selling points and help us design and sell quality built children’s furniture to major markets around the world.


We are proud to have our own in-house design team creating stunning furniture that is safe, high quality and in demand from the market.


We are constantly investing in new production machinery to produce even better furniture at an accelerated pace.


With over a decade's worth of experience, we use high quality raw materials to create durable kid’s beds.


Our marketing team will provide great customer service for questions that customers may have.


Our products are always offered at competitive prices.

Our Promise

We deliver well built furniture that is up to date in safety design with the effort of our in-house designers. Through their knowledge of regulations, we ensure our furniture meets the safety guidelines and regulations set by every country it is exported to. Through this our promise is in supplying quality ODM furniture to stores around the globe.

Come to Join Us Now

We welcome business of all sizes to become a partner with us!
MG Furniture is a trusted global supplier of fully safe and sturdy children furniture with over 10 years of experience. With our continuous improvement to the manufacturing process and commitment to delivering products before deadlines, you can rest assured your customers will be completely satisfied.